Buy Wood Flooring Parquet Which Is Proven in Favorable Characteristics

Wood Flooring Parquet

Wood flooring parquet is traditionally made of wooden blocks, arranged into geometric shapes to create a stunning patterned floor. The individual sections are interlaced to present an array of different tones and grains, resulting in beautifully contrasting textures that show the natural wood finish at its very finest. Even though the finish may have a delicate appeal, as with all wood floors, Parquet flooring is incredibly hard-wearing. Havwoods Parquet range is predominantly made from engineered wood, retaining the durable characteristics of a wooden floor, without compromising on the wide variety of finishes, tones, textures, and patterns with which Parquet has become synonymous.

Bring Elegance with Classic Wood Flooring Parquet

In order to avoid cracking due to the working of the wood, prefabricated parquet nowadays has a multi-layer structure. The individual layers have different fibre directions. This compensates for the working of the material. A Parquet floor is also always pleasantly warm to the feet. Wood is an elastic material that is easy on the joints of the user. Parquet as a floor covering also looks noble, is easy to care for and lasts a very long time If necessary, it can be removed several times, depending on the thickness of the wear layer and surface treatment.

Buying a wood flooring parquet is a good decision itself, especially if you seek a permanent flooring solution, which will hold well for generations. Still, there are different types of parquet flooring in appearance, characteristics and even in how to treat parquet flooring you choose. So, which one to buy? Parquet wood flooring can be applied for different purposes depending on the type, but the quality of the wooden material is general criterion in the selection of the parquet flooring. This goes for both solid parquet wood flooring and engineered wood parquet, which should get you warm, cozy and durable floors.

Popular Wood Flooring Parquet Patterns

‘Parquetry’ is the established name for the art of creating intricate geometric mosaic patterns from small sections of wood for decorative effect. Despite the name ‘Parquet’ being most commonly associated with one particular design, the term actually covers a wide variety of different styles and patterns, the most popular of which is Herringbone. The popularity of different parquet patterns does tend to change throughout the world, with Europeans favouring Herringbone and intricate Versailles patterns, whereas the classic Chevron is a very popular choice in North America.

The art of creating detailed and intricate patterns from wood could take a craftsman several weeks to complete, depending on the floor area. This is because each individual block would need to be cut and sanded to create a seamless and hard-wearing finish. Nowadays, milling machinery is able to cut wood to such a fine tolerance that the resulting wooden blocks fit together with incredible accuracy.

Special care products are also available for parquet with any type of surface treatment. They keep the colour of the floor covering fresh and protect against greying. The first wiping off the floor with a damp cloth should not take place until three weeks after oil in the case of oiled floors. This is how long it takes for the oil to be completely absorbed into the wood.

Normally a wood flooring parquet is only swept or vacuumed. If necessary, it can also be wiped with a damp – never wet – cloth. Special care products are used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.