Wood Flooring in Kitchen

Wood Flooring Kitchen

Wood flooring has long been considered a luxurious way to bring warmth and timeless style to a space. This traditional flooring option isn’t usually considered an appropriate choice for kitchen design because it is highly susceptible to water damage.

Wood flooring kitchen needs to be of a high enough standard to withstand more than the usual level of traffic and wear & tear. It must be tough enough to handle all kinds of stains, spillages, impacts, footfall and heavy appliances – often at higher temperatures than other rooms – without warping or losing its finer qualities. Our real wood flooring for kitchens meets all these standards while maintaining an attractive, characterful appearance. You can’t beat the feel of real wood beneath your feet. Browse our full selection to find what suits your kitchen.

If you have decided on wood flooring for the kitchen, there are a couple of ways you can ensure the new floors will look great for many years to come. If you are choosing new hardwood floors, look for a wood species with a higher hardness scale rating. The stronger the wood species, the more resistant it will be to the daily traffic and moisture a kitchen sees.

As a bit of humour, selecting wood flooring for your kitchen can actually save a lot of energy and relationship drama and the only thing you now have to agree upon is the cabinetry and countertop choices. Wood floors are durable enough to last a lifetime, for your kitchen and the rest of your home!

Wood Flooring Kitchen by H&F Trade Floors

Wood flooring is universally adored for its timeless quality, warmth, and character. The hard-wearing and easy to clean nature of wood flooring makes it an ideal choice for high-traffic, demanding areas such as kitchens.

Engineered flooring is a high-quality product that we recommended for many interior designers. It looks and feels like a solid board but has a multi-layer construction, making it far more rigid and stable. This makes it able to resist the fluctuations in heat and humidity found in kitchens, especially those with cast iron cookers or underfloor heating.

We manufacture most of the wood flooring that we sell. You can read more about our expert engineering processes or if you’re ready to look for a kitchen floor, view our range of wood flooring.

Wood flooring looks amazing in open-plan kitchen/dining schemes. A large expanse of the same floor creates unity, seamlessly linking different areas of the house together. However big or small the space is, the wide range of colours, textures, plank sizes, and timber species gives you plenty to choose from to help create your dream kitchen.

Generally, wood flooring is durable and can withstand many of the challenges of everyday life. We have some helpful advice on how to protect a wood floor from these challenges. Based on our experience, you might want to try an oiled finish on a wood floor in the kitchen. Oiled floors are more naturally resistant to liquids that might be spilt in the kitchen and oil can be easily reapplied if and when the floor shows signs of needing a refresh.

Our wood flooring collection isn’t just suitable for kitchens. If you’re looking to lay a floor in your bathroom, bedroom, office, or any other living space, you can find here at H&F Trade Floors. Reach us out today at (01) 457 3964 for more information.