Sustainably Sourced & Durable Wood Flooring for Bedrooms

Wood Flooring Bedrooms

The natural qualities of wood make it perfect for the bedroom, bringing softness and warmth to a room. Whether you have a modern interior style or a more traditional look, our variety of species and finishes available will let you create the bedroom you’ve always dreamed of.

Choosing wood flooring for its great looks alone isn’t necessary! One of the biggest causes of allergies in Ireland is dust mites. These tiny insects found in household dust are a bane to asthma sufferers and thrive in soft furnishings. The good news is that they can’t survive on hardwood floors. Ripping up old carpets and replacing them with a wooden floor could be good for your health!

Wood Flooring for Bedrooms by H&F Trade Floors

Engineered wood flooring has the added benefit of being suitable for layover underlay. Choosing an acoustic underlay for sound-proofing a room reduces the sound of footsteps or any unwanted noise, especially if the room in question is above the ground floor.

The wood flooring that we supply is suitable for use in all rooms, domestic or commercial. For ideas for your project, have a look at the galleries of our wood flooring on our web page, or contact the team at H&F Trade Floors for some expert advice.

Ireland’s Cheap Wood Flooring for Bedrooms

Your bedroom is where you can catch 40 winks in the evenings and relax on your own or with your partner. It should be a place where you feel safe and comfortable, and your flooring can make a solid difference to this. If you are looking for a flooring type that is durable, solid and will look stunning, wood bedroom flooring could be the best way to go. With many layers laid perpendicular to each other and then compressed, the result is a strong product that is likely to last for many years to come. Order your product online today.

As there are many different flooring options available for you to choose from it can feel like an overwhelming decision to make. However, the main factors to consider are what style you desire, who will be staying in the room and your budget.

For modern bedroom interiors, laminate and vinyl designs can be a great choice as they will match most furniture and décor styles. Plus, as bedrooms are used on a regular basis the flooring needs to be hard-wearing, so laminate and vinyl could be a better choice for a bedroom on that front. If you’re concerned about the room looking too cold, then consider adding a rug to provide a warm surface to walk on and just to give the room a cosier look.

Compliment your wooden flooring with our range of skirting boards and cleaning kits. We supply everything you need to install your new floor. We also sell a wide range of high-quality underlay which will match your flooring needs perfectly. Schedule Your FREE in-home flooring installation estimate! Our flooring experts will create a unique plan for your flooring journey.