Artificial Grass Installation In Limerick

Artificial Grass Limerick

Thinking of making the switch from natural turf to artificial? Artificial grass offers a low-maintenance alternative for those who want perfect green grass with little fuss. Every roll of our artificial grass for sale is made by one of the top manufacturers in Europe, only the highest quality pieces make the cut.

We supply both home gardens and commercial properties, our ranges can be easily filtered by weight and thickness to suit usage levels. Fake grass can be used anywhere and everywhere, from a funky carpet in a children’s room to the outside, for that year-round fresh green garden.

At H&F Trade Floors, we endeavour to have the cheapest and most affordable artificial grass for sale in the industry, so you can have confidence in knowing that you have the best deal on the market.

Customer service is the heart of our business, our friendly team will be on hand throughout the process, from order to delivery. We even deliver the artificial turf ourselves with our fleet of vehicles, to ensure our high standards are maintained across the whole process and your artificial grass in Limerick is handled correctly.

If you feel like you’re spending more time maintaining your lawn than enjoying it, consider switching to artificial grass. H&F Trade Floors’ makes choosing the right kind of artificial grass easy with a selection of grass turf options that will meet your needs and bring you the evergreen lawn you’ve dreamed of.

Premier Supplier of Artificial Grass in Limerick – We Won’t Be Beaten On Price!

When you buy artificial grass online, you want to be sure that you’re getting the best quality grass you can at the most affordable price. At H&F Trade Floors, we provide customers with cheap artificial grass in Limerick but make sure that you’re still receiving the best quality product combined with friendly customer service.

Whether you’re in need of pet-friendly artificial grass for your outdoor space, or you’re simply fed up with maintaining your natural turf, we have an amazing range of choices to browse. There are different attributes that define the quality of your artificial grass, and we ensure every cut of our fake grass is up to the highest quality standard. In fact, all of our artificial grass in Limerick ranges are manufactured in Europe by top companies and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Over the last decade, home improvement has definitely been at the forefront of people’s minds. With the rise in garden parties and home celebrations, more people are choosing to improve their homes in any way they can. One easy way to keep your garden and outdoor area looking luscious throughout the year with very little maintenance is to buy artificial grass. Even if you have furry friends or little ones running around, artificial grass is still a great option for your garden

The cost of artificial grass in Limerick depends on the range you choose, and what you want from your grass. Here at H&F Trade Floors, we have a great selection of products, produced by leading manufacturers, to suit your needs and budget. We work hard to secure the best prices online, and because we don’t have a physical store, we can pass the cost savings onto you.