Artificial Grass Installation By Us

Artificial Grass Installation

Artificial grass is very strong and durable it will not be affected by weather conditions, pets, children’s play, high foot traffic or shaded areas. It requires very little maintenance and will look great all year round giving you more time to do other things in the garden.

Due to the pace of modern life people have less time to devote to simple garden maintenance tasks like lawn mowing or weeding.  These time-consuming jobs become a thing of the past with artificial grass, as do problems of bare patches in your lawn or watering your grass through summer droughts.  Artificial turf is also a perfect solution in areas that receive very little sunlight.

We supply the most natural-looking artificial grass on the market. We have synthetic grass for every application including gardens, balconies, schools & creches, putting greens and commercial businesses. We have a network of accredited installers nationwide that can provide a professional artificial grass installation service, ensuring minimal disruption and delivering a perfect lawn that is ready for use immediately.

Artificial grass installation prices in and around the city vary project by project. Not massively but each project is different. We charge our turf on a cost per square meter basis and without seeing the installation we could only be guessing, things like ground condition, access and the work involved need to be taken into account. To give an exact cost for installing artificial lawns in gardens it’s best to see and do a quick survey. That way we can give you a free quote without the guess work!

Experts in Artificial Grass Installation in Dublin

Are you someone who likes the look of grass in a garden but you don’t want the maintenance? Then artificial grass is the perfect option for you. We only use high-quality grass with good length so it looks convincingly like a real lawn. It’s a once-off investment that will last for years to come.  Artificial grass is an extremely low maintenance and very clean option for your garden. It is a one-off investment and requires no maintenance so is a perfect option if you are not green fingered. It is also popular for families as it provides a clean area for your children to play.

Having a perfectly manicured and well-maintained garden or terrace requires a lot of effort and time that most of us don’t have due to our busy work schedules. Well, we have a very practical and durable solution that is neither costly nor requires everyday maintenance. Yes, you have read it correctly – artificial grass makes your lawn greener without having to worry about mowing, watering or fertilising it. It is also environmentally friendly as you don’t have the use of pesticides, fertilizers and petrol lawnmowers that are necessary to maintain a grass lawn.

Artificial grass has a life of almost 15 to 20 years. It is a one-time investment in a trendy, weatherproof green space that will last you. Even though it is long-lasting, the initial costs are still very affordable.  Most artificial grass providers in Dublin do not include the installation charges in the prices as the option to lay them yourself is also available. However, at H&F Trade Floors, we highly recommend that you get them installed by our professionals as they are experienced in handling installations in both small and large spaces.