Artificial Grass – Enjoy Greenery Without Having to Maintain It

Artificial Grass Dublin

HF Trade Floors is a local supplier of quality artificial grass for customers located in the Dublin region and beyond. We supply a variety of 100% European manufactured artificial grass products and if needed we also provide a professional artificial grass installation service with local fitters for artificial grass. Artificial grass, also referred to as ‘fake grass’, is a fantastic, safe, low maintenance, child and pet-friendly alternative to traditional grass. It has proven ideal for crèche play areas, preschools, landscaping needs, home garden lawns, corporate, retail, sports grounds and more.

Our artificial grass sourced from the best manufacturers in Europe and our entire grass range is both lead and cadmium free. HF Trade Floors takes great pride in supplying the highest quality synthetic lawn products on the market and our Dublin-based certified installation crews also deliver excellent results. We pride ourselves in installing high-quality artificial grass for anywhere in your home garden, commercial business, whatever the shape and size we can accommodate you.

Artificial grass is a great option for everyone – whether you’re an urban citizen with a wish for some greenery around, or a person who wants to liven up your spacious backyard with some colours without having to take up the responsibilities that come with gardening. These carpet-like décor items look and feel like grass, but they don’t need as much care and maintenance. Want to incorporate some nature-themed décor items in your apartment? Go right ahead. These grass mats can be set up anywhere, from balconies and porches, to living rooms and hallways.

Our grasses are sourced from the leading artificial grass manufacturer in Europe. And our leading specialists install artificial grass products throughout the Dublin, Ireland area. The grass fibres are the most advanced c-shape with micro ribs which gives our artificial grass the perfect natural look and soft feel, extreme durability and ultimate resilience. Our artificial grass has less shine than other brands. Our premium range of artificial grass is known for quality, realism and value.

HF Trade Floors now also offers a new range of artificial grass products. Perfect as a complement to our grass products, our green wall plants are perfect for improving any vertical space or outdoor wall. Make your outdoor garden area complete with HF Trade Floor’s complete range of quality synthetic products.

Artificial Grass Dublin

Say goodbye to mowing, weeding and fertilizing. Artificial grass creates the perfect lawn all year round without the chore of maintenance. Child and pet-friendly, our artificial grass ranges are manufactured from only the highest quality eco-materials; meaning they are free from lead or cadmium.

Deliveries are quick and easy too. Get your artificial grass Dublin direct to your door, on a day of your preference, with our chosen day delivery service. Don’t worry about how to fit artificial grass either. As long as the supporting surface is flat, stable and permeable to water, you can fit the grass virtually anywhere.

Whether you’re looking for a practical entry range grass or the perfect imitation to a natural lawn, we offer fantastically low prices throughout all of our ranges without jeopardizing quality. We’re so confident in our pricing if you find a like for like artificial grass cheaper anywhere else, we’ll beat it by 10%.

The Advantages of Artificial Grass

Ease of Maintenance

How many times have you tried your hand at gardening, only to give up after a few attempts? We don’t blame you. With 9-to-5 jobs, long college hours, gym appointments, social plans, and other such duties that come with being a member of the modern world, not many of us can find time to invest in growing a garden. Artificial grass is a great option for people who want to come home to some greenery, without putting in the effort needed to maintain live plants.

Artificial Grass Dublin

Environment Friendly

As fulfilling as it is to feel the rawness and the plushness of real grass when you touch it, do you think about how much care and maintenance it needs? Certain things like the intensive amount of water required to keep grass fresh, or even the amount of fertilizers it needs to maintain its rich colour comes into play. With artificial grass, there’s no worry about water or fertilizers, which is great news for people who live in areas where water shortage is a recurring theme.

Ideal for Different Scenarios

Placing artificial grass in swimming pool areas is an effective way to keep water confined to the pools. Unsure about what to do with your balcony or roof area? Turn them into a dreamy hangout place by covering them with artificial grass. Think about what fun dinner dates and sleepovers you can host in these areas.

Fixing artificial grass on top of hard surfaces like concrete is a great way to cushion potentially dangerous play areas for kids.

For the Love of Pets

As adorable as pets are, it’s rather distressing when you discover your lawn area all dug out every time you let your dog out to play. It’s not just dogs, cats have a reputation for scratching and digging up mud if they get the chance to do so. With artificial grass, your pets have a soft and relaxing space to play, and you can sleep in peace knowing that they won’t dig and poke at the grass. Besides, cleaning pets’ urine or faeces is relatively simple on artificial grass.

Artificial grass comes in all sizes, and is typically made of materials such as PVC, rubber, and even nylon.

Buy Artificial Grass Online

Shop for artificial grass online to check out your options from Europe’s leading manufacturers. Shopping for artificial grass online also gives you the chance to avail of enticing discounts on them throughout the year.